COVID-19 and Engaged Couples: Book your vendors now

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You’re engaged! How very exciting! With all thats going on right now, I’m sure you’re excited but also having some mixed emotions about wedding planning. We understand and can relate! We’re all new to this pandemic experience, but the good news is that we at Pamela Barefoot Events are not new to wedding planning. While there may be challenges, there are also a few benefits to planning your wedding right now so, lets talk it all out.

Choosing a date: Many couples that have had to postpone their wedding are moving into Fall 2020 but some are choosing dates in 2021. This means that your first choice of dates for next year are already being booked. It’s really important for you to quickly decide if you want to get married in the next 12-18 months, or are okay to wait longer. If that earlier window is your goal, then it is critical that you book your venue and vendors as quickly as possible. We have never before seen two sets of clients competing for the same vendors like we will next year. NOW is the time to secure your essential vendors. You’d rather have dibs on the vendors that you connect with and truly want! They are intimately involved in so many aspects of your wedding, so have the luxury of choosing someone that you really admire, value, and desire to work with.

Focus on the positives: You’re working from home. You’re thinking about the good things to come. You’ve got time to scour the internet for venues, vendors, and all the pretty wedding inspiration available out there. Technology allows us to do so much virtually, that you can have a great head start for when life returns to normal!

Service + Experience: Now more than ever you need a professional planner on your side. We’ve got over a decade of experience that will be incredibly helpful as your wedding plans move forward. Things will look different in a year and we cannot anticipate exactly what that will mean. But we have the relationships with professional vendors that will be a huge benefit moving forward. It’s true that vendors are booking quickly for 2021. It’s also true that vendors have time to serve you right now! Many vendors are going above and beyond to make this a positive experience as we all navigate a new normal together. Our main goal is to be here for you. Let’s get started today planning the wedding day of your dreams with the best vendors possible. We’re currently offering a booking bonus so contact us now!

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